Top 10 Countries With Largest Armies In 2014

The safety of the country and its individuals is the primary need of every country and the army plays an essential role in this field. It is the army because of which the people can calmly sleep in their homes without having fear of any attack as they know their soldiers are deliberately defending their nation and giving them a sense of hope and dignity. The army is necessary for survival of the nation, it also shows existence of courage, strength, bravery and power of the nation. The army soldiers work day and night just to keep their flag high as once they neglect any issue, their enemies will definitely harm their country and they can not bear even a single finger pointing towards their country so how can they bear this. Air, land and sea are the areas for which security is required and due to this every country must have Army, Air Force and Navy and each of them is quite important regarding defense of the country. Here we have a list of top 10 countries with largest armies in 2014.

43 thoughts on “Top 10 Countries With Largest Armies In 2014

  1. where is isreal??? there def top 8 no question THEY HAVE NUCLEAR ARESNAL TO…This list is ok but to not have isreal is stupid….an china hasnt surpassed the usa yet??? they have more personnel but they arent as strong as we are……also were is the uk?

  2. NICE but israel is not strong or larg to took place in this galap or no doubt all are good but north koria is owsum in all ways

  3. I think this is the worst list ever. Here is my list:
    1.United states
    9.N Korea

    1. I would agree with you but in this list here the power is measured by the number of men each country has not the bravery their men posses.

  4. It’s the matter of bravery and skills which makes any army strong. According to current ranking of 2014 this elite group from Pakistan is in top ten best forces in the world and similar to top two US Army’s Green Berets and the British Army’s SAS. 

  5. PAKISTAN have brave and loving Pakistan army there is no problem that Pakistan have a small group of army thats why Pakistan is best army in the world there is no one in the world to fight with Pakistan army troops

  6. India army is best because they live for country and not scared to die. Indians are always truth so nobody can beat truth. Jai hind

  7. pakistan army is best and brave in the world becuz every pakistani want to die for islam and for the country…. as it is in the Quran e pak it is stated that shahadat will take u to the jannat so we are not afraid of giving our today for the country and for the religon…

  8. Poor pakistani living in dreams and cmnting no 1 can defeat us.. :p read some history Ohh srry I 4get you don’t even know how to read 😀

    1. Hahaha. U poor indian fellow I respect ur nation coz only u are our neibougher so u go and read history 1964 war u said that u will do ur breakfast in lahore and attacked us in the darkness of night but our brave soldiers kicked ur ass and didn’t even let u step in lahore and by the ur ilitracy rate is more than pakistan so go like in ur country u rape ho fuck ur mom give birth to a baby teach him how to read bitch 😛

  9. The Indians whose heads are filled with malice against Pakistan continue to say useless nonsense when they know they can’t dare to even capture a puny little inch of Invensible Nuclear Powered Pakistan.. And then there’s the days when Pakistan beats the crap out of india in india even when India’s flat track bullies can only play well in their own grounds… Tsk tsk…. Poor Indians….keep saying more of your pathetic nonsense I love your whiny comments….

  10. Turkey and Pakistan has the strongest Defense forces well equipped with the arms of the modren era,may be ranked up at suitable place.

  11. India k kuthoo tumain tu apna shekast yad nahe..
    Sochoo k 1964 main pakistani army jawano ney tumara kia haal banaya ta..
    K apky army ko wapis apna rasta be yad nahi tha..
    Pak z.abad

  12. India k kuthoo tumain tu apna shekast yad nahe..
    Sochoo k 1964 main pakistani army jawano ney tumara kia haal banaya ta..
    K apky army ko wapis apna rasta be yad nahi tha..
    Pak z.abad

  13. India k kuthoo tumain tu apna shekast yad nahe..
    Sochoo k 1964 main pakistani army jawano ney tumara kia haal banaya ta..
    K apky army ko wapis apna rasta be yad nahi tha..
    Pak z.abad

  14. I feel shame to read some Muslim brothers comments, lakn jo b ho jb to musalman Allah ki raah ma uska den ko phelana k garz sa larta rhnan ga ga (jhad krta rhan ga tb tk dunya ki koi takat unhan hraa nhi skti )han agr un ma hud prasti na ajay lakn Allah k den ko is lya nhi phelana k dusra apka sathi ho jay blka uski bhlai k lya k uski akirat sawar jay jo farz hmara zumaa ha dunya ki zindgi to bs 70 saal 80 saal ki ha haman larna k bjay apni akirat ki fikar krni cahya k ek din yeh dunya khtm ho jay gi a gafil insaan qabar k azab sa kesa bacho ga jo hraz nhi lakho salo ka ha aur us sa b barh kr akhirat k azab sa( agr tum na kisi ka dil b dukhaya to tumhan us ki sza b mila gi k wo insaf ka din ho ga na koi bad shah na koi gulam ) aur tb tk hum Den-e-hak ko logo tk nhi pohnca skta k un ki akhirat sawar jay jb tk hmara akhlaq acha na ho….!
    Hadees-e-mubarka ha “sb sa wazni chez kyamat k din jo momin k mezan ma rkhi jay gi wo uska akhlaq ho ga”
    So please human apna akhlaq ek Muslim ki trha bnana cahya acha akhlaq k bgair hum muslam nhi kehla skta aur yeh bt sabit ha.

  15. Pakistan Army is the Strongest Army in the Whole World…..
    Much Much Strongest and better than indian army and Others…
    Pakistan Zindabad (y) Love you Pakistan <3

  16. Pakistan ik acha mulk hai or army bi hai orvagar hum acha karna chahe toh or terrorism india karata hai do you agree

  17. Brave man never say that he is brave. Who shouted in website that he is or they are brave, They are the most Coward in the world. Blast a bomb or kill civilians is not bravity it’s fucking cowardness… So who is shouting here that they are brave….

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