Top 5 Militaries That Will Rule The World In 2020

Investing in the military was a trending decision for all big countries. We all know about the USA, Russia, and China. But, what about France, India, Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom or Turkey. Here are the 5 most powerful militaries of 2020.


Aiming to invest 2% of the GDP in the army means that the total amount that will be spent in the army will reach 50 billion. France did a great job modernizing the army, and it is also quite active with several actions mostly in African countries. Mainly peacekeeping and anti-terror operations. This activity keeps France really motivated to let Japan sit behind them and also overcome India which is currently 4th by military strength. One of the areas France is willing to invest in is Air Forces, meaning that is planning to purchase at least 10 more Mirage 2000D fighters and is also cooperating with Germany to create their 6th generation fighter. Another reason why France can overcome India in the future is its domestic production of army equipment. France is one of the United States’ most important allies.



Sitting right behind China, India remains the 4th most powerful military in the world but is really challenged by France. India is also active with various conflicts mainly with Pakistan and has a really big army in the number of soldiers around 1 million actives and 2 million reserves. Their weakness is the relatively weak domestic arms industry, but that too is changing. One of their biggest advantages over other nations is its ambivalent relations with all other big forces like the USA, Russia, Europe, Israel and more allowing them to choose the best fit of arms for its requirement, in any category of military hardware. Their biggest enemy is China, and for that reason is seeking a Fleet Upgrade, making sure that the Indian Navy will be the enemy number one for the Chinese Navy.



China is third but aiming for second by 2030. It is believed it will overcome Russia currently second. China has the largest army forces and has an unlimited number of reserves if a war is going to happen. The army modernization of China is a wonder. They are the number one enemy of many countries, two of them really important, India and the USA. By 2030 it is believed that China will have two more aircraft carriers, but still leaves it short comparing it to 11 full-sized + 9 small USA aircraft carriers. China is really strong in the land and in the water, but not that good in the air, so that will be their biggest challenge.



Number two for a long time, Russia is being chased by China, and that mainly because of the economic restrictions made by Europe towards the Russians. A former global superpower, the fall of the Soviet Union devastated the Russian military and it spent almost 20 years trying to reinvent itself as a modern and capable force after the humiliating performance against Chechen rebels in the 1990s. The Georgia conflict was a chance for Russia to show that has come back to being a superpower. As expected they did, but with many problems. Their best arm, however, is their air defence, believed the best in the world.

US Marines

US Marines


1. USA

Who else but the absolute military superpower of the past, present and the future, the USA. And it is that by a large margin. It’s greatest assets it’s the robust and diversified economy. F-35 will be the big thing of 2020. Their investment in defence is bigger than all other countries mentioned above together. Billions spent on the next-generation military tech. It is said they want to be able to attack using their equipment and also interfering in the enemy’s equipment, meaning that they can destroy enemies using the enemy’s own equipment.

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